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Welcome to New Ecotech Inc. This is our first post to introduce special products to you with new technologies that save the environment.

  1. CCES (완전 연소 배기 시스템)

– 배기 가스의 빠른 배출을 통해 내연기관의 완전연소를 돕고 인체에 해로운 배출 가스를 줄일 수 있도록 고안된 배기 시스템

– Exhaust system to help complete combustion of the internal combustion engine and reduce exhaust gas by supplying sufficient air to the engine with rapid discharge of exhaust gas.

1-1) CCES for Vessels (선박용)

1-2) CCES for Agricultural Vehicle (농 기계용)

1-3) CCES for Construction Vehicle (건설 장비용)

1-4) CCES for Military Vehicle (군 차량용)

1-5) CCES for General Vehicles (일반 차량용)

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